Small pet birds and anything related by Pete Etheridge – aka – 'Stanton Birdman'

On Tuesday evening, once my good lady wife ‘Ruth’ and I got home after being out most of the day, I decided that it was a pleasant evening so I would go outside and get planting up my plant containers for the patio whilst I was in the mood for it.

An hour or so passed and I was getting to the bottom of a large bag of compost and decided it would be easier to lift up the bag, now it was a little lighter, and sort of pour the compost into the patio plant container rather than scooping the compost out by hand trowel as I had been doing up until then. Nothing new there, I’d done the same sort of thing hundreds of times before.

The only snag was that as my missus and I had been out that day I was still wearing my best jeans and jacket, and of course as I lifted the compost bag (which had been stood in some dirt) and rested it against my body for support I left myself with an awful messy mix of dirt, water and very dark compost all over the front of my best jeans and jacket; silly fool I know, I should have changed into gardening gear before I started my planting up!  Too late now, I was in a mess.

I know what you’re thinking; “What’s this got to do with birds Pete?”

Nothing directly!  But I’m using this to push a point!

You see, as soon as I realised what had happpened I quickly changed out of my best jeans and jacket and changed into something more suitable for gardening.  I promptly threw my best jeans and jacket into the washing machine and set it going.

A little later when I emptied the washing machine my best jeans and jacket came out as clean as a whistle with no trace of the earlier disaster.  If I had left the mess to soak in and dry out they might never have come clean.

So here’s the point; as soon as you know there is a problem you should deal with it straight away and not allow it to become a big issue.

It’s the same with your birds, or any pet for that matter; if you notice any problem you must deal with it quickly and not let it become a disaster!

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