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A great day out for all

Located in the heart of rural Leicestershire in the UK is the village of Desford. Just a normal English country village apart from one main difference, the residents of Desford are used to seeing all types of foreign exotic birds flying and climbing about the village, many now consider that their village wouldn’t be the same without the daily appearance of these birds. You see Desford is also the home of ‘Tropical Birdland’ (sometimes known as ‘Tropical Bird Garden’) a small visitor attraction within the village.

It is a great day out for all the family and especially those who are interested in exotic birds. Many of the feathered residents of ‘Tropical Birdland’ are free-flying, which basically means that they are allowed to roam free about the area; so don’t be surprised when visiting there to find the occasional exotic bird coming along to share your lunch.

I don’t really have the space to go into detail here but I have visited ‘Tropical Birdland’ with my family on a number of ocasions and we have always had a great time and returned home with some fond memories.

For more detail check out their website at and then go and pay them a visit. You won’t be dissappointed.

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