Small pet birds and anything related by Pete Etheridge – aka – 'Stanton Birdman'

Hi folks!

Here’s your chance to get hold of a FREE pet bird related ebook.

Although I am named as the author of this it is actually a PLR ebook I bought a while ago and added a few pictures and myself as the author, so it’s not brilliant but it does give some valuable information to anyone who wishes to start and keep pet birds.

I can write much better material and have done so  with my ‘Pet Bird Keeping Secrets, The Stealth Guidebook’, also available from my simple one page website at  The eBook I’m giving away free however will prove full of useful information to anyone new to the hobby so it is worth the original asking price of $14.97  but it’s now yours for FREE.  This can also be gotten hold of from, just click the ‘Get Your Free EBook’ link.

It’s FREE so it’s worth having even if it don’t teach you anything, but I’m sure it will!

Please also feel free to give copies of it away to as many other people as you like, in fact I sincerely hope you do just that!  When you read it you will understand why.

So don’t delay any longer and click this link NOW to get your FREE copy.

You can either click the link and then once the book is visible click the ‘Save a Copy’  button in the top left corner or right click on the link and choose ‘Save Target As’  from the dropdown menu.

It is in ‘Adobe PDF’ format so you can read it on any computer that has ‘Adobe Reader’ installed, which is most of them.  If you don’t have ‘Adobe Reader’ then click here or here and get it for FREE.

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