Small pet birds and anything related by Pete Etheridge – aka – 'Stanton Birdman'


Just a quick not to tell you that ‘Stanton Birdman’ on its own hosted site is now live.  So instead of ‘’ you can now also choose to go to ‘’.

This is paid hosting and will allow me more freedom with the site to do as I please, I hope not to disappoint.

However the ‘Stanton Birdman’ blog site (the one you’re reading now) will continue alongside the new site.

I am still working on the new site so at present it lacks some of the material contained here, but the posts will be the same; in fact most of the posts found here are already on there.  It will be worth visiting both sites as there are slight differences, as I say, my own hosting gives me much more freedom; but I am still working on the build so there will be many changes in the coming months.

You’ll find the new site at but please continue to visit here at also, and don’t forget my similar blog at

Looking forward to a rewarding future!



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