Small pet birds and anything related by Pete Etheridge – aka – 'Stanton Birdman'

By Cody Jons

Among many varieties of finches, zebra finches are one of the easiest for keeping and breeding, because of their meek and vivid nature. These birds that originate from Australia are among the most beloved pets in the world. We are sure you are not asking yourself why they are so beloved, you only have to see one of them once just to realize that they are really special, sweet creatures. This makes them very special and simply irresistible. Their appearance has long been a subject of fascination among bird enthusiasts.

These finches are sincerely recommended for beginners, and they are very suitable for novices who have a wish to breed birds. Naturally, it does not mean you do not have to posses any knowledge about them, it just means that you can easy learn about their needs and get prepared for the challenge. Unlike some other types of finches, zebras are very comfortable in human presence, which guaranties they will not look at you appearance as a form of domestic disturbance. We could never be sure what exactly exists in their world of fantasies and dreams, but no doubt, there is something beautiful, worthy of admiration and respect. It means they would not feel offended if you do not pay them a special attention. Of course, we are talking about at least one pair of finches. In their native Australia, they move in flocks and really enjoy flying over the wide grasslands. Finches of zebra subfamily keep their social behavior during the entire life, and they build interesting relationships with other birds in the flock.

They remain happy and cheerful during their lifespan, which is usually up to five years. An interesting fact is worth to mention: unlike most of animals that live in zoos, these birds have longer lifespan in captivity which usually ranges from 8 to 10 years. Their cute chirping is simply adorable and there is no real chance for you to feel uncomfortable by them.

You need to obtain a cage, large enough, that will allow them to make short flights and various exercises. You may also allow them to fly in your home outside the cage, but you have to make sure that doors and windows are closed in order to exclude possibility of their escape. Unlike some other birds, including finches, zebras have no problems with mating because they do not have high demands, which means that male and female are always compatible. The male and the female love each other and spend a plenty of time to kiss and preen each other. Problems are possible but, anyway, most of them are easy solvable. However, little troubles occur from time to time; for example a quarrel is possible when they decide who to sit on eggs. Males can be more aggressive and you can vent their aggression by supplying them toys to play.

More specific information are needed to care for many other kinds of pets, which means some of them have very special needs and only little mistake can lead to disastrous consequences. Little zebra birds are not among these pets. They are among the hardiest finches and you need only basic information to keep them properly, making their lives full of joy.

They have to be feed properly, but anyway, their usual menu is not complicated to be learned. You do not need a special experience to make them suitable conditions for breeding and that is why beginners have a great success dealing with these little pets, only by following some basic rules.

Cody Jons is a finch expert. Finches Birds Center has the complete guide for Finches Zebra. Here is a free expert advice on Keeping and Breeding, Beautiful Healthy Finches visit

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